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Meet Attalie Santiago, our founder and the driving force behind our studio.

A Personalized Approach to Yoga

Our studio operates on the idea that everyone is different, and therefore, everyone does best in different types of yoga. Some may find they do best in a more high-energy style yoga, while others may find that exhausting and prefer a slower-paced, Zen style. No matter which style ultimately fits your body and goals, we will be able to help guide you in your journey to find balance and strength through the power of yoga.

Attalie Santiago

Owner & Yoga Instructor

As the founder and owner of Me, My Mat, & I, Attalie's connection with yoga began when she realized running was no longer conductive to the health of her joints. Through yoga, she discovered the ability to center and connect with her body, in a way she'd never been able to do before.

Since then, she's been dedicated to sharing her passion, and has spent the last 12 years teaching others how to connect their mind, body, and soul in their own journey.

Meet Our Team & Our Partners

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Drop In Pricing

• Drop-In: $10/1 Class
• 10 Class Pass: $95/10 Classes

Monthly Memberships

• Monthly Membership: $75/month (w/o CC on file)
• Monthly Membership: $65/month (with CC on file)


• Couples: $105/Monthly Unlimited Classes
• 3 Month Pass: $185/Unlimited Classes